All VHSSUA members are required to complete and pass the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) 99 question exam which is being administered online by NFHS. Paper-based exams will no longer be distributed at the VHSSUA Annual Meeting. Exam results will be sent to the Vermont Principals Association (VPA) and then sent directly to the VHSSUA Secretary and President for action. You may take the exam twice, and must receive a score of 70% or better on your last attempt. (If you receive a score of 70% or better on your first attempt, leave well enough alone and be done with it!) The VHSSUA deadline for taking the test will be announced at the Annual Meeting and posted on the website. In order for your assigner to give you a schedule, you must have completed the test.

In order to take the exam, a member must go through the free registration process in which you will select your own Username and Password. If you have established a Username and Password in previous years, it should still be active. Do not create a whole new account if you already have one.

If you do need to create an account, in the registration process, you will specify Vermont as your Primary (or in some cases perhaps, Alternate State Association). The box for State License # may be left blank. In the box asking for your Local Affiliation, you may use VHSSUA. When the registration process is complete, you will be taken to the Exam Dashboard. Detailed instructions for this entire process (including actual test instructions) may be viewed and printed by clicking on the link below which will open a PDF document in a new browser window. You must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read this file. To obtain this free software, click here . For detailed instructions on how to compile and print a copy of your full exam before you submit it, click here .

NFHS Online Exam Instructions

When you have read the instructions and are ready to begin the process, go to : exams.nfhs.org
Clicking on this link will also open a new window in your browser.

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